Questions to Ask When Selling a House

So, you’re selling your house. When you bought your house, you probably had a lot of questions for the seller. How old is the roof? When was the HVAC last serviced? Has there been any flooding? But as a seller, you need to ask questions too. It’s likely that you want to sell your house fast and that you want to do it with as little fuss as possible. Here are some important questions to ask when selling a house.

Is It the Right Time to Sell My House?

Markets can vary. For instance, home buyers are not usually looking to purchase a home during the holidays. They don’t want to move during Christmas. You may also see the market going up and down depending on how construction is in your area (some people may prefer new construction homes, or new construction homes might not be available) or how the local economy is going (if the bottom drops out of a certain industry, it can be harder to sell in that area).

First-time home buyers are often very sensitive to adjustments in pricing. If there’s anything going on, such as a potential housing market crash, your home’s value may be more volatile.

Am I Going to Be Expected to Renovate My House?

A real estate agent should be able to give you a fair idea of whether you need to renovate or update your property to put it on the market. When you put a home on the market, it has to appeal to both buyers and banks. If a buyer has a mortgage lender, the mortgage lender usually won’t fund a property that isn’t in move-in condition. They don’t want to become burdened with a property in need of repairs.

In addition to having to renovate, be aware that you may need to get permits retroactively for some of the work you’ve done. If there’s anything that should have been permitted that wasn’t permitted before, you will need to get those permits in place before a lender will approve a mortgage. 

How Quickly Can I Sell My House?

Depending on the market, it could take weeks to sell your house or it could take months. Some real estate agents are faster than others of course, but a lot of it has to do with the market. 

In more challenging lending environments, banks will also take longer to close on loans. So you can find yourself waiting for your borrowers to get funding. Your real estate agent can estimate how quickly homes like yours are selling, but it’s still likely to take a matter of weeks rather than days.

Can You Find Me a Cash Home Buyer?

Ultimately, having a cash home buyer is almost always the best deal. A cash home buyer can buy your home immediately. They don’t need to wait for a mortgage company to approve their loan, and they don’t have to worry about appraisals or inspections. Some real estate agents can advertise for cash-only offers.

But it’s still not as good as just going to a cash home buying company. When you go to a cash home buying company, there are no negotiations, and you don’t have to wait. You can sell your house as soon as you get an offer. Usually, you can sell your house in a matter of days. Furthermore, with a cash home buying company, you don’t need to pay the real estate agent’s fees. A realtor’s fees could be anywhere from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands, depending on how much your property sells for.

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