Selling Divorce Property: What You Should Know

Maybe that old house has too many memories. Or maybe you just can’t afford it on your own. Whatever the case may be, many people find themselves needing to sell their real estate during a divorce. And that may feel as though it’s not exactly the optimal time.

But it can be. If you’re considering selling your home during a divorce, there are some things you should know. Here are five things to keep in mind when selling divorce real estate.

1. Timing Is Everything

In many cases, it’s best to wait until the divorce is final before listing the property. This way, there can be a clear title, and both parties can sign off on the sale. But realistically, this isn’t always possible. You could be going through a foreclosure or bankruptcy while declaring divorce, or you may need to dissolve these assets during the divorce. Don’t feel rushed. You can still get a great price by going through a cash buyer. A cash buyer is a company that purchases houses in cash, so you don’t need to wait.

2. Be Prepared to Compromise

Selling a home during a divorce is often about compromise. Both parties must agree on a fair asking price, marketing strategy, and other details. But the reality is that this doesn’t always happen. If you have problems agreeing with your former spouse, consider talking to a mediator or a lawyer. It may be that a judge will need to rule on the fairest possible price and distribution for the property.

3. It’s Important to Have Someone in Your Corner

A real estate agent can help you sell your house, but they also cost a lot of money. For an agent, it’s always in their best interest to try to sell your house for as much as possible, but it’s also possible that some issues are better left resolved quickly. If you’re going through a divorce, for instance, holding on to your house could cost you more in legal fees as you go back and forth with your spouse. When you work with a cash buyer, you have someone already ready and willing to give you a fair amount for your house. We’ll explain our quote to you and, if you accept it, have the cash ready in days rather than weeks or even months.

4. Keep Your Emotions in Check

It’s important to keep emotions in check when selling divorce real estate. This is not the time to try to get revenge or score points against your ex. You should talk to your lawyer and follow their advice. You will be glad you did. Selling a house can be an emotional experience even without a divorce, so take the time to get quotes from the home buyers in your area and find out how much you could get for your property.

5. Focus on the Future

Selling a home during a divorce can be an opportunity to start fresh. Use the proceeds from the sale to help fund a new chapter in your life. We can give you a fair market value for your house completely in cash. Use that cash to put a down payment on another house, move to another state, or just go on the trip of your dreams.

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